hi i'm ADiEAN~ and here is my jewelry i make everything very special and cute and pretty and especially magical hope you enjoy~ thank you for attending CraftHER market presented by bbatx! prices have been adjusted to include free shipping for y'all! yay!! And if you didn't come from there go check it out and check the booths of all the other amazing creators https://www.crafthermarket.com/

P.S. I also have even more items (OOAK pieces) for sale posted on the @buriedtreasuresprouting instagram page!!!! go check it out link below!!

P.S.S. I can also do custom orders!!!! there is a link in my linktree on the instagram page @buriedtreasuresprouting to my custom order form!!

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hi i'm ADiEAN and i like to make things. I like to make things because to me creation is like prayer. Creation is what makes us created in god's image, we are given the gift of creation for ourselves. Under the system of capitalism we are expected to make profits for the people at the top while we get the scraps. Very rude. That's why i'm anticapitalist and there's more ranting in my creator spotlight idk i like ranting too (link below labeled "creator spotlight"). Ultimately this is a fundraising effort to pay off the van i live out of and have more freedom. So thank you very much for helping me make my dreams reality~

Production Process

All my life i've loved to explore all kinds of creation from images to clothes to objects to sounds and everything etc! Right now though i have been focusing on small stuff like jewelry since in a small space like a van there's only so much i can do :P BUT i also i very much love shiny things severely i mean who doesn't amirite?? i put my passion for creation into everything i do. every design that manifests holds specific intention and energy. you can read more about it in the description of each item~

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