What The Femme!? Podcast is a podcast show that seeks to answer the question, " What does 'femme' mean to you?" by interviewing Creative Femmes, people of marginalized genders, and the occasional ally about their answer, as well as how they create. Hosted by Danielle Marie(Marie de Menthe), Birdie Holly, and Tori Falcon in the heart of Denton, Texas.

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About the Founder or Team

January 2019
Established by Founder Marie de Menthe, WTFemme!? was created to help better answer the question “What does being Femme mean?” With a limited personal knowledge and experience, Marie set out to meet creatives, members of the queer community, and a few allies who could perhaps help provide her the answer. What she found was something even more. Everyone possesses and presents a different version of Femme. No two Femmes are alike. And so, the path to knowledge grew and grew.

Growth - April 2019

After recording an episode and a series of conversations, WTFemme!? grew from one, to two. Enter Birdie Holly, co-host and now Partner of the show. With an equally rivaled passion for knowledge, meeting others, and heart for advocacy, this dynamic duo combined forces to create an even more in depth, dynamic show.

Present Day

Today, you can catch these vivacious Femmes interviewing guests and growing their ventures from the comforts of Stoke Coworking, located in the heart of Downtown Denton. You can also enjoy their Femme-isodes, which address a different topic each episode, with a little bit of pop culture, French language, and personal updates from the hosts themselves.

Production Process

Our goal is to interview Creatives who identify as Femme or other marginalized, genders, as well as Allies. Our hope is that we are able to uplift the voices of these communities, while also educating those who seek to learn more about who people are and their own journeys.