Proudly Owned

  • Latinx Owned
  • PoC Owned
  • Woman Owned
  • Transgender or GNC Owned
  • Queer Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned

About the Founder or Team

We are GoldStar Graphic Studio! We are a small, diverse group of Women/ LGBTQ Entrepreneurs. Our team is comprised of 6 individuals. Talin and her wife Amanda.
It was Talin's idea to start a small business on Etsy during the ealier months of 2020 after the Covid 19 stay at home orders lightened up and business started
reopening. We were called PartnersNLove. We started by selling Acrylic Shield guards and did pretty well. However, we knew that it was not a sustainable
market for the long run.

I was not until October of 2020 that we finally partnered up with our good friends of over 15 years. Natalia and her partner Kalinka joined us along with
Olivier and Cheyenne. That's when we became GoldStar Graphic Studio. We had always talked about starting a small business but it was never the right time for
any of us. We were never in the right mindset and each of us was always dealing with something or just trying to survive life. But when the idea was brought up
again this past year, everyone was in from the very beginning. The moon and the stars had aligned, as Natalia the wise has always said, and we were all ready to
get this project started. And so the adventure began.

We decided that we wanted to sell something that thousands and millions of people would want and enjoy year round. Natalia is a graphic designer, Talin works at a print
company, Olivier is a US Air Force Veteran who is great with technology and business, Amanda has managed warehouses but her passion is in art and literature, Cheyenne
is a business student and comes from a family that has started many businesses from scratch, and Kalinka works in international sales and relations. After collectively
feeling the strain on our own relationships with family and friends during the world pandemic, we decided to do something that would help bring other people closer together
and spread love and cheer during these changing and uncertain world circumstances. Phone Calls and even video calls were starting to feel a bit sterile and fleeting. So we
decided we wanted to provide something more tangible, relatable and authentic. Greeting Cards! Beautifully handcrafted and intentionally designed with love and care. We now
sell paper goods of all kinds with Natalia's amazing art, some of which she has hand drawn herself and then digitalized for mass reproduction. We started as long time
friends and now became business partners and even more than that, a family.

Production Process

Our production process begins with the talented Natalia and her designs. She first needs to decide on a subject matter, do research for trends, collect visual resources
to add to her mood board, then implement the design, create mockup files and PDF Print files. Once the files are ready, they are sent to our vendor who prints them on
high quality paper with high quality printers.

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