gnc lesbian couple creating jewelry as a team

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About the Founder or Team

OM&Oi! is a forever collaboration between Ella and Nirvana Trey. We're a couple of Southern dyke fire signs makin' jewelry in Portland. We're witches, we're punks, we're in love, and we're a kick ass team! It's all sacred, and it's all fun! We value generosity and sustainability. Our Mission: Success through honesty. Everything Else: queer*punk*fag*magick

Production Process

From paper to product, we work as a team via illustrations and experimenting with metal and fiber techniques. We aren’t really the aspiring minimalist types, ya know? We fucking live for tchotchkes.

We rummage, we hoard. We shop from other artists, foragers, and thrifters, we get hand-me-downs from our families + friends.
We value sustainability and get better at it all the time. We ship in unconventional + recycled packaging and love to work with brass!

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