Baltimore-based, QTPoC owned & operated.
Handcrafted bow ties, neckties, and masks.
Custom orders are available.

Proudly Owned

  • Latinx Owned
  • PoC Owned
  • Transgender or GNC Owned
  • Queer Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned

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About the Founder or Team

Lex Londino and Dre Cortes started Bows for Beaux Co. in 2019 due to our collective love for bowties. Many members of our community like to express themselves in different ways so we thought it would be fun to make custom designs for many to enjoy. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we rose to the occasion to expand our business to include the new need for facemasks.

Production Process

Our bowties and masks are handmade in Baltimore, MD. We use primarily 100% cotton, but can make bowties using whatever fabrics our customers want. We accept custom orders and are happy to accommodate special requests on an individual basis. We offer many fun and unique designs and will soon be introducing handmade wooden bowties to our collection.
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