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About the Founder or Team

My name is Ryan Frisby and I am the maker behind Fire Baby Studio. I am 25 years old, I currently reside in Austin, Texas, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. As a fiercely independent person, I always envisioned my life as something that I would be in charge of, but for a long time I didn’t know what that would look like or how to manifest it. All of that changed, in the Summer of 2019, when I discovered polymer clay.

My story doesn’t start there though. I grew up in Massachusetts and attended UMass Amherst for my undergraduate degree, where I created my own major centered around curriculum planning from multicultural perspective. I absolutely loved the autonomy that pursuing higher education on my own terms gave me. After graduating, I entered a variety of formal work settings that made me feel stifled, miserable, and exhausted, and I realized that the typical 9-5 life was not built for me. I used all my free time to create and after getting laid off in the wake of COVID-19, I decided to take charge of my life and pursue my passion for polymer clay. I am still learning more about my craft and about running my own business every single day. It is hard for me to adequately put into words how much gratitude I have for those who have shown me support as I chase after this dream. The fact that I get to sit down at my desk every day and create from my heart is quite literally what my dreams are made of. Thank you for being here.

Production Process

Fire Baby Studio is a slow made & small batch polymer clay business that was established in January 2020 after spending 6 months playing around with clay as a creative outlet. The production process of a single item from start to finish looks a little bit like: brainstorming color palettes, color mixing, prototyping new shape combinations with scrap clay, settling on a design, cutting out the pieces of clay, baking the clay, sanding and buffing the clay, adhering hardware to the clay, photographing products, marketing the products on social media, making website listings, and packing & shipping orders! I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but this is a one person show & I wear a lot of hats.

It’s been a wild ride building a brand and a business in the midst of a global pandemic, but it has also been a necessity. Fire Baby Studio puts food on my plate, keeps a roof over my head, and allows me to donate a portion of my sales. At Fire Baby Studio, I vocally support Black lives and I believe that the need to abolish the police is urgent. For this reason, 25% of my sales will be donated to bail funds, mutual aid funds, as well as to individuals who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and who have been injured or arrested in the process of using their constitutional right to stand up against injustice.

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