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About the Founder or Team

Hello and welcome to my shop! Don’t be your own worst Emily. Stay a while and enjoy yourself. ♡

Before the events of 2020, I worked primarily as a theatrical costumer and wardrobe dresser in NYC. I opened my Etsy shop a couple of years ago as a fun side job, but these days I’ve pivoted to focusing on my small business full time.

My experience in silversmithing dates back to my high school days, and I started training in glassblowing in 2016 after graduating from college. I trained and later worked at a jewelry design school in Manhattan where I taught students of all ages jewelry production techniques. Combining my experience in glass artistry with jewelry design has been exciting and fulfilling. I'm so excited to share my designs and hard work with you!

My jewelry is based on good quality and good intentions. I hand pick natural, high quality stones that feel energetic and meaningful. I source them from other small retailers in NYC, Colorado, and at fossil and mineral trade shows. I design each piece based on the chosen stone, so each jewelry piece ends up being a unique work of art. My glassware is even more singular, since I flamework and kilnform each sculpture by hand. No one product is exactly the same when it's finished, so it is uniquely yours to cherish.

Being a costume craftsperson by trade, of course I have to bring some sewn fabric goodies to the table as well! You will find a variety of handcrafted fabric gifts and accessories in my shop. I’m continually researching new patterns and techniques to try, and adding new products to my shop. I miss working in theatre, but during our long “intermission”, I'm thrilled to be growing my small business and connecting with my customers. That’s you! ;)

Thanks for reading, and please message me if you have any questions!♡

Production Process

I'm a one woman army over here, so I craft each jewelry piece from start to finish! I often use recycled materials in my work, such as the bullet casing crystal necklaces. For unique designs and shapes, I’ll make a wax carving and carefully shape it for a stone. Then I'll have it cast in sterling silver, set the stone, polish it, and add the final touches. I finish each piece by hand in my studio before sending it out to it's forever home. ♡

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