Resi Ibañez is a Filipinx genderqueer writer, maker, and practicing bruha based in Lowell, MA. As a bruha, they bring their queer Filipinx perspective to working with card readings as a way to decolonize mainstream ways of knowing and understanding. They write poetry and nonfiction, and bring their storytelling style to tarot and oracle reading interpretations.

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About the Founder or Team

Resi Ibañez is a Filipinx genderqueer writer, maker, and bruha. They are the founder of the LGBTQ+ Lowell Open Mic, the first performance venue centering LGBTQ+ voices in the Lowell, Massachusetts area. They write poetry and non-ficion, and create zines, handmade books, textile and mixed media art - incorporating their writing in a variety of mediums. They also are a bruha practicing Filipinx spiritual traditions and offer tarot readings. They have been published by bklyn boihood, and have work forthcoming by Blue Oak Press and the Filipinx run literary magazine Marias at Sampaguitas.

Production Process

Resi draws inspiration for their pieces from music, geography, mythology, and science fiction. As a literary artist, they also find that their work draws energy from creating in other ways: whether that is in making zines or books, crafting a mixed media piece, or creating something with yarn, fabric, or thread. They believe that different forms of art feed and inspire each other, and enjoy experimenting with new forms to see what it inspires. They also believe that creativity and the arts are an essential foundation for community, and a portion of what they earn from their art is paid to Black and Indigenous community organizations as reparations and real rent.