Proudly Owned

  • Transgender or GNC Owned
  • Queer Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned

About the Founder or Team

Candace Holmes is from all over the U.S. and currently based smack dab in the middle of it. They started making jewelry as a creative outlet to help with their depression, and something clicked right away. They opened their shop in September of 2020, and since the beginning 10% of sales are donated to community social justice initiatives. When they aren't making jewelry, Candace likes starting unsuccessful book clubs, eating oysters, going to doom metal shows, and riding their bike slower than everyone else in the bike lane.

Production Process

secret handshake designs is a one-person operation. I design each piece of jewelry from start to finish. I 3D print my own cutters where necessary and then make each component by hand. My primary medium is polymer clay, but I intend to soon expand into other materials.

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