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About the Founder or Team

Hail and well met fellow traveler and goods seeker! Melee Shop is run by two queer creatives powered by fantasy and nature. Ariel is drawn to illustration and creating worlds for themself and others to escape into. Michael enjoys creating soft goods for RPG settings and other odds and ends.

Roll for initiative, put on your cloaks, and get out your gold, and peruse our little shop.

Michael uses he/they pronouns, is genderfluid and is pan/bi.
Ariel uses they/them pronouns, is non-binary, and is pan/bi.

Production Process

Ariel is drawn to illustration and creating worlds that people can escape into and see themselves in. They currently are making art inpsired by their favorite fantasy genres combined with nature elements. Their offer custom character creation for fantasy TTRP with a focus on increasing visibility, inclusivity, and representation for queer and POC people. They want to make people of all backgrounds, body types and abilities feel welcome in the world of fantasy. Also they love to draw things with weird quantities of limbs andor eyes!

Michael most often creates physical prototypes for his soft goods, doing sometimes several iterations to get the seams, size, and function just right. He is an exploratory hands on thinker which translates into his many unique and thoughtful soft goods made on his heirloom professional singer.

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