Queer/Trans-Owned small-batch soy wax candle business. Poured with love in Portland, Maine.

Proudly Owned

  • Transgender or GNC Owned
  • Queer Owned

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About the Founder or Team

Emily Baranello (queer identifying) and Shay Wilcox (trans-man) are a couple that makes up Craft Candle Co, a small-batch candle business that repurposes beer/wine/alcohol bottles by hand-cutting them and pouring soy wax candles, scented with essential oils. Shay is the bottle-cutter, and Emily is the “scent master”. Our motto is “poured with love”, and every candle is made with that in mind.

Production Process

We start by cutting our bottles, with a hand-scoring device, and alternating hot and cold water to cut the glass. We then sand the bottles with 3 different grit levels of sandpaper, to make them smooth to the touch. Once the bottles have been prepared, we melt soy wax flakes in a double boiler, allow it to cool to a set temperature, add the essential oils, and voila! A unique, custom candle that can be refilled again and again, as we are able to refill any old vessel!

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