Handmade friendship bracelets, tie dye, & earrings inspired by summer camp crafts & colorful pride

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About the Founder or Team

Alyssa (she/her) is a graphic designer/photographer/crafter. She is a lifetime Girl Scout who got her start in handmade crafts attending summer camps as a kid. Learning how to make friendship bracelets and perfecting the craft into adulthood when she worked at GS camp (and got the camp name "Neon"), she started on Etsy a few years ago as a way to share her bracelets, and has expanded to tie dye, earrings, and more. Along with letting her explore her creativity, working at Girl Scout camp allowed her to form lifelong friendships with many proudly queer people and was the first place she felt comfortable and safe opening up about her own queer identity. Alyssa grew up in the Northern California bay area, went to college in Philadelphia where she received her BFA in Graphic Design, and frequently boomerangs between the two coasts, often roadtripping in her VW Beetle.

Production Process

All items are handmade with love, one at a time.

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