House of Bawdy is an adult novelty retailer that centers and celebrates the pleasure and wellness of Black people, people of color, queer folx, and people of marginalized genders.

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  • Black Owned
  • Woman Owned
  • Queer Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned

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About the Founder or Team

House of Bawdy from its name to its mission is not a mistake.

Hi! My name is Kathryn!

If we have met or will ever meet, you should know how excitedly I say such a simple greeting. It’s because I am excited! Every moment I get to be of service to prioritizing people’s pleasure I am so incredibly happy. Welcome to my joy!

Prior to the inception of House of Bawdy, I had been selling adult novelties in a variety of environments for about 4 years. Despite the incredible people I was meeting, the skills I learned, and the eclectic experiences I was able to collect, I still had one really nagging issue: I never saw myself in the sexy toys, advertising, or educational tools that I consumed and shared with my loyal clients. I always looked for my skin tone, my story, my queerness, my spirituality….me, expressed in an industry based on feeling good. What, if anything I found, was disheartening. As a Black, bisexual, Muslim, womxn being able to express myself in all of my vibrancy is a confidence that took a long time to learn. I, like you, deserve to celebrate it!

The desire for better, more complete, celebrated, and prioritized sexual and sensual wellness is how House of Bawdy was born. Such a proud moniker is a nod to the incredible depth of Ballroom culture; the layered concept of home for queer folx of color; and a repurposed use of a word intended to highlight the worst of all things risque. No one should set out to explore or revel in the expanse of their pleasure, and be met with the advertising and product selections of an industry that seems to insinuate that sex looks only one way in order for it to be acceptable. All kinds of sex is welcome in this House! All people are sexy people in this House, but especially people who rarely see dildos in their skin tones, erotica that includes their slang, toys that don’t usually seem to mesh quite right with their curves, and images of sex that do not represent them.

I hope that the prevailing feeling as you shop and learn here is that House of Bawdy is more than an online store or toy party booking source. I hope it resonates as the embodiment of what happened when I invited my friends, family, and community into my dream. Every hand that laid the foundation for this House is a person of color, member of the vast LGBTQIA community, person of a marginalized gender, or all of the above. We made this, with intention, for all of Us. House of Bawdy is the joy that rests at the intersection of unapologetic pleasure seeking, and the willful prioritization of Our otherwise silenced selves. It is a home for every version of existing. It is a house for every Bawdy!

Production Process

House of Bawdy curates every product we have available with the brand’s mission and priorities in mind. Kathryn, with her business and life partner Natalia, take the time to “vet” adult novelties based on consumer feedback, safety, market availability, intersectional appreciation, and fun! Those products are then named and presented in a way that makes it clear they they are "for the culture," presented on our social platforms, and even explained in how-to style slides or during bookings with clients.

This care shows up in all the little details, from having our social media talks ASL interpreted, to naming and describing toys using classic Black culture references.