Posted on 12/17/2020
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A-symmetrical Labradorite + spike Sterling hoops

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A-symmetrical small sterling hoop set comes with one smalL plain Sterling silver hoop, and one with a Labradorite and sterling spike drop! You can wear these multiple different ways, including just the hoops by simply sliding off the spike drop! If you love light-weight earrings, you will love these! Each pair is 1000% unique and handmade! ( will vary from picture)

Hoop is .5” long and wide
Labradorite spike drop measures 3” long


special attributes

  • Handmade


Sterling hoop, Labradorite, sterling spike

wear and care


Each piece is made professionally with integrity and purpose. Here are a few helpful tips to extend the life of your jewelry!

-Try your best not sleep, shower, or swim with jewelry on.
-Store in safe place away from water
-polish spikes when it darkens (oxidizes)


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