Posted on 01/24/2021
Buried Treasure Sprouting Buried Treasure Sprouting
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celestial body

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when i was looking at the materials i used in this choker i was thinking of a design i could imagine being part of some kind futuristic celestial uniform featuring stones of earth. i was kind of just experimenting but then i really fell in love with the design! i can really see this in some kind intergalactic meeting of the beings scenario or something lol~

i only had enough of these howlite beads in these sizes on hand to make two chokers for now but i think i might be able to make a few moss agate versions too. maybe this can be like a winter version as i was thinking about how the howlite is reminescent of snow and later for the spring will be some moss agate. a vision i have though that i really want to make is to use azurite beads with the blues and greens to really look like the earth! and maybe even other stones but i think for now they would always be paired with the tigers eye to match the bi disc centerpiece which i have a few of but perhaps if i encounter more i'll use others~

this necklace is great for meditation/contemplation as both the tigers eye and howlite have properties that dispell negative energies and promote mindulness and balancing and especially the tigers eye with the powerful grouning qualities~

special attributes

  • Handmade

primary color

  • Brown

wear and care

don't wear to sleep or heavy exercise, casual dancing is ok. avoid contact with water, cosmetics, moisture/sweat to preserve condition. cleansing is good as there is no paint or plastic.