Posted on 02/09/2021
Resi Ibañez Resi Ibañez
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Lunar New Year reading

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This February brings the lunar year of the ox, and the beginning of the year is a perfect time to set intentions for the year to come! A tarot / oracle reading can help you in that process. If you're new to tarot, that's ok! Before your reading, we will have a quick virtual conversation where you can ask me questions about how to understand a tarot or oracle reading. You will then be able to pick how many cards (up to 8 - a lucky number!) you would like me to read for you, and also which decks you would like those cards to come from. I have 10+ tarot decks, 5+ oracle decks, and 5 affirmation decks, and you can choose the decks you'd like your cards from based on what resonates with you. I specialize in combining multiple decks into one reading, because I believe that working with different interpretations and styles of art can create a unique message for you (but if you prefer all your cards to come from one deck, that's ok too!) I do not do the reading live. Instead, you set the date you'd like me to pull your cards on, and then within 1 week of that date, I will provide you with a written summary of your cards and what they mean, as well as photos of your reading.

A tarot/oracle reading is not for predicting the future, but provides a new perspective and way to think about, process, or understand matters in your life. That new perspective can be reflective of something beneath the surface, or reflect or spur your own intuition. It can also be an ancestral perspective. My interpretation style is based primarily on visual analysis of the card artwork. I also pull in astrological information, symbolic meanings, as well as connections to herb and floral lore. I can provide you with potential spreads you can pick from, or you can seek this reading based on questions you may have yourself, or we can just pull some cards to see what is going on and go from there!

*Price listed below is $12. I offer reduced rates for BIPOC.