Posted on 02/14/2021
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Austerity Mala

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108 is a number found time and time again throughout science and spiritual practices. The distance between the sun & the Earth is 108 times the sun’s diameter, and the number can be found in many ancient structures and symbols. In malas specifically, this number represents the path to spiritual completion.

Each mala has been created to connect you to your current loka.

The Austerity Mala represents the ajna chakra: the third eye, the meeting of solar and lunar energies, the dissolution of duality, and our personal journey. This chakra connects to the austerity loka, the color purple, the planet Pisces, and the element light.


Snowflake Obsidian: releasing fear & stressful mental patterns, wound healing, detox

Denim Lapis: objectivity, self-awareness, clarity, self-expression

Rainbow Moonstone: deep emotional healing, detox, internal harmony, intuition & psychic perception

Malas will vary to some degree in the design. Gemstone beads will remain the same, however, focals and patterns may vary according to availability.

special attributes

  • Handmade

primary color

  • Blue

wear and care

Store hanging or in soft fabric pouch.